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Manchester United Warmup


  • Setup 3 cones, 10 yards apart from each other. Setup the other 3 cones 10 yards apart with 5 yard between each set of cones.
  • Have your team jog on the INSIDE of the cones to start and on the OUTSIDE when when they return.
  • The Manchester United Warmup includes some of the following: jogging, high knees, high heels, side shuffle, toe taps, short sprints, backwards side-to-side shuffle, forwards side-to-side shuffle


Manchester United Soccer Warmup Diagram

Hi, I'm Chai Nakpiban and welcome to the Manchester United Warmup for youth soccer. In this lesson, we'll be exploring the routine of the Manchester United warmup.

To setup the Manchester United warmup, you’ll need a total of 6 cones.You want to position the cones in 2 separate lines about 5 yards apart.In each line, you want 3 cones, about 10 yards from each other. You want to evenly space them because the middle cone serves as the point that tells the players to change warmup exercises, as you’ll see in just a few moments.

The warmup begins with a light jog, with players running inside of the cones and returning on the outside of the cones.The routine begins with a light jog, a couple of times around the cones.It then shifts into a series of exercise including high knees, high heels, side shuffle, toe taps, short sprints, a backwards side to side shuffle, a forward side to side shuffle and then this warmup transitions into stretching.