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2 Touch Passing


  • Setup 2 cones, 10 yards apart from each other.
  • You need 1 ball for every 2 players
  • Have your team practice 2 touch passing. The first touch should be a trap and the second touch should be a pass.
  • Do this drill for 2 - 3 minutes


  • do this drill using your right foot only
  • do this drill using your left foot only


Two Touch Passing Drill DIagram

Hey Coaches.I’m Chai Nakpiban and today we’re going to be exploring up a very simple drill called 2 touch passing.This drill sets up the next drill, called 2 touch passing on the run.To set it up, you’ll need a total of 2 cones for every 2 players.Set up the 2 cones about 10 yards apart or whatever distance you want the passes to be made.Next, have your team practice 2 touch passing – the first touch should be a trap, and the second pass should be a pass.Coaches, you want to make sure the players are trapping the ball as close to their body as possible to set them up for a pass.And for the pass, just make sure they’re using the proper technique by making the pass with the inside of their foot.That’s about it for this one – nice and easy.