Proper Passing Technique


  • Setup 2 cones per player, 10 yards apart from each other.
  • Have the players practice proper passing using the INSIDE of their foot.
  • Make sure the players follow through and practice with both feet.


  • have your players use their right foot only for 1 to 2 minutes
  • have your players use their left foot only for 1 to 2 minutes


Proper Passing Technique Drill Configuration

Hi, I'm Chai Nakpiban and welcome to Proper Passing Technique for youth soccer. In this lesson, we'll be exploring basic technique for making a proper pass.

A proper pass is made by using the inside of your foot.When coaching youth players, emphasize using the inside of your foot, following through.Passing in soccer is very similar to putting in golf – depending on how far your teammate is will determine how much force to use to make a sufficient pass.A good pass should yield a smooth roll on the ground without any bouncing.If the ball is bouncing, you’re striking it a bit too low.You want to strike the ball on the top half of the ball and then follow through.The motion for passing should be one smooth, fluid motion using the inside of your foot.Your teammate should be able to receive the ball and control it easily.