Figure 8 Passing


  • Setup 2 cones, 15 to 20 yards apart from each other.
  • This drill includes 3 players total with one at each cone and one in the middle. The person in the middle needs a ball.
  • The middle player passes to the outside then runs around the player. The outside player makes a pass as they run around them. Middle player then dribbles and passes to the opposite cone as they near the midpoint of the cones. Repeat for 1 to 2 minutes.


  • execute the drill at half speed
  • execute the drill at full speed


Figure 8 Passing Drill

Hi, I'm Chai Nakpiban and welcome to the Figure 8 Dribble and Pass Drill. This drill will help your players improve their dribbling skills, passing, and fitness. To set up this drill, you’ll need a total of 2 cones for every3 players and one ball. Setup the 2 cones 15 to 20 yards apart and have 2 players stand at each side of the cones with 1 player in the middle.

The player in the middle should start with the ball and make a pass to a player on the cone.After making the pass, the player with the ball should then run around the player on the cone.The player on the cone will receive the ball and as the player in the middle approaches him, they should make a short pass to the side as the middle player runs around the cone.The middle player will then dribble halfway to the player on the opposite cone and then make a pass.The player in the middle should run in a “figure 8 pattern.” Do this drill for 1 to 2 minutes for younger kids and 2 to 3 minutes for older kids.