Dribble Dribble Pass


  • Setup 3 cones for every 3 players and 1 ball. Setup the cones in a triangle formation.
  • Have each player dribble to the first cone and second cone, then pass at the third cone.
  • Make sure the players control the ball while dribbling.


  • have your players use their right foot only for 1 to 2 minutes
  • have your players use their left foot only for 1 to 2 minutes
  • change the direction of the drill


Dribble Dribble Pass Diagram

Hi, I'm Chai Nakpiban and welcome to the Dribble-Dribble-Pass Triangle Drill. This drill will help your players improve their dribbling skills, awareness, and their pass. To set up this drill, you’ll need a total of 3 cones for every 2 to 3 players and one ball. To start this drill, all players should form a single file line on the middle cone of the triangle. The person at the front of the line dribbles to the first cone and then the second cone.Once they reach the third cone, they make a pass to the next person on the front of the line.So each player will dribble to the first cone, dribble to the second cone and pass at the third cone.Do this drill for 2 to 3 minutes and then you can add variations if you want.

To keep this drill interesting, you can add variations such as use your right foot only, use your left foot only, change the direction of the drill, which means go counterclockwise instead of clockwise, and finally if you want to challenge your players to the max, have them dribble at full speed.