Cones Hook Redirect


  • Setup 8 cones in a circle formation about 15 yards wide
  • Setup 5 to 8 cones played randomly inside the circle
  • Each player needs their own ball
  • Demonstrate the hook method
  • Players use the hook method to change direction when getting to an inner cone


  • speed up the drill and have players go at full speed


Cones Hook Redirect Drill Diagram

Hi I’m Chai Nakpiban and today we’ll be exploring the Cones Hook Redirect Drill. This drill will help your players develop awareness and their ability to change direction quickly using the hook technique. To setup this drill, you’ll need 8 cones setup in a circle formation about 15 yards wide. And inside the the circle, randomly place 5 to 8 cones. These inner cones will serve as points where each player will dribble to and change direction just before reaching the cone. Each player needs their own ball for this drill.

To start the drill, the coach should demonstrate the hook method to give the players instructions on how to execute the drill. Next, have the players dribble at a casual speed anywhere within the circle and when they get to a cone, use the hook method to change direction. You will notice this drill will create lots of traffic . ..maybe two players will approach the same cone at the same time. This is a very physically demanding drill. For the younger players, 1 minute is recommended. For older players, you can go as long as 2 minutes or even longer if you want to. Coaches, what you want to look for in this drill is to make sure players are using the hook method to change direction and not just stopping the ball. Remember, the hook method means the ball each player sort of wraps their body around the ball while executing the hook.