Circle Game With a Ball


  • Setup 1 cone per player in a circle formation, with 1 cone in the middle.
  • Each player needs their own ball
  • Each player starts at their own cone
  • Use the following commands:
    • 1 to the right
    • 1 to the left
    • in and out
    • cross
    • 2 to the right
    • 2 to the left


  • speed up the commands and give the team very little downtime to rest


Circle Game With A Ball Diagram

Hi, I'm Chai Nakpiban and today we’ll be exploring the Circle Game with a ball. This drill is part of another drill, called the “Circle Game Without A Ball” so take a peek at that drill right after this one. We recommend doing the “Circle Game Without A Ball” before this one as your players can cement the movements in their head before progressing to using a ball with this drill.

To setup the Circle Game with a Ball, you’ll need one cone per player setup in a circle formation. You also need 1 cone in the very center of the circle, which will serve as the midpoint. Each player will need their own ball for this one as well.

For the video demo, we went ahead and setup 8 cones even though we only have 4 players. To start this drill, each player should stand behind 1 cone on the outside of the circle. The coach should then explain the commands. The first command is “1 to the right.” This means all players should dribble 1 cone to the right. When they get to the cone, they should stop the ball using the bottom of their foot, ensuring the ball comes to a complete stop. This game is almost like Simon Says except there is no elimination – players just listen and react.The next command is “1 to the left.” This means all players should move 1 cone to the left. The next command is “In and Out.” This means all players should move IN to the center cone and then OUT and return to the cone they came from.Another command is “Cross.” When the coach says “Cross” all players should cross the middle of the circle to the cone on the opposite side. This is where the games gets fun.Some players might get confused on which cone is theirs or run to a different cone. You might see 2 players on the same cone. That’s fine though. Just reset everyone and make sure each person has their own cone. There are more commands in this drill such as “2 to the right” which means all players should move 2 cones to their right and then stop. Once your players get the idea of how this game works, to challenge them you can speed up the commands and have them move faster. For example, you can say 1 to the right, in and out, one to the left and say these commands as soon as they complete the command so that they have little downtime.